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General News 
09/01/2009 15:03:55

Let us Unite to Liberate Ourselves, Says Former Deputy Governor

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, January 9, 2009 (Gurtong) –Former Eastern Equatoria State (EES) deputy governor, Allan Lochul, has  cautioned the marginalised southerners to avoid voting themselves into another period of  domination by the autocratic nation of Islam if they are allowed to exercise their democratic voting rights in the forthcoming referendum in 2011.

Addressing a catholic church congregation in Pwata chapel, Kapoeta town, the former administrator said  that it will be up to the people of South Sudan to vote for a voluntary unity of Sudan so that they do not become continuous subjects of Arabs who are a small clique ruling Sudanese from the North.

“I appeal to all fellow South Sudanese not to continue being second class citizens and come out in their numbers to vote and liberate themselves from the oppressive rule by a simple majority”, he said.

He asked the South Sudanese to begin showing commitment to that call by electing the right leaders and representatives in the coming general elections scheduled to take place this year, adding that the SPLM’s dominance in the South was a clear indication of a bright future.

“The SPLM has been very vigilant and positive about the CPA implementation and it does not wish the South Sudanese people to continue suffering at the hands of the Khartoum Government”, he added.

Mr. Lochul also told the congregation to be wary of some southerners who have already been manipulated by the northerners through bribery to destabilise their unity.

South Sudan Unity with North is impossible.

Monday, September 01, 2008

"Mr. Owen addressed the Northern Sudanese and explained that they were still suffering from the sins of Zubeir Pasha and the slavers. "The sins of the Fathers shall be vested upon their children even unto the third and fourth generation". He said that the South had not forgotten the days of oppression even if the North had done so, and even today the Southerners view was dominated by fear and suspicion. He concluded that the Southerners would never willingly join the North until the latter should prove by their acts, not merely by their words, that they had undergone a change of heart."Owen Juba Conference June 21,1947

From the below leaders who agreed with the above statement and who will continue pursue with the struggle of freeing Southern Sudanese from oppression and finally to independence of South Sudan? Dr Garang and Fr.Saturnino are both death but whose legacy can free us forever?


Please send your comments to editor@ssccia.org or webmaster@ssccia.org

Late Father Saturnino Lohure Hilangi
Honor to Fr. Lohure
Source: Youtube

Late Father Saturnino Lohure Hilangi was a catholic Priest who founded and let the first South Sudan struggle against Khartoum oppressive regimes ,Saturnino movement was known as Anya Anya I which resulted from Torit mutiny of August 18,1955 by Equatorians Corps based in Torit,Saturnino Lohure was the first Southern Sudanese leader who was assassinated in Uganda January 1967 on his way to his rebel bases in South Sudan. This revolutionary Day in Torit is declared by SPLM/GOSS as Veterans Day in the whole of South Sudan and it is apublic aholiday.

His Exellency Joseph Lagu Yagga (Photo Missing)
Joseph Lagu succeded late Fr.Saturnino Lohure Hilangi after his assassination in Uganda .Lagu led the Anya Anya I until he signed the peace agreement know as Addis Accord of 1972 which President Jafaar Nimeri abrogated in 1983 through his Sharia laws and the policies of divide and rule in South Sudan.

Late CDR Kerbino Kuanyi Bol
CDR Kerbino Kuanyi Bol was the founder of SPLA/M Bor mutiny of May 16,1983 together with Late William Nyoun who mutinied in Ayot.Kerbino was killed by Southern Sudanese during factional fighting.

Late Dr.John Garang De Mabior
The founding father of New United Secular Sudan and the First Vice President of the Republic of Sudan and President of South Sudan new nation.He believe in New Sudan ideology under SPLM/A leadership,Killed in plane crash July 30,2005 in South Sudan.Dr.John Garang signed the CPA with South Sudan freedom and independent through the referundum in 2011.

Message from the late Hero Dr. John Garang de Mabior.

"I and those who joined me in the bush and fought for more than twenty years, have brought to you CPA in a golden plate. Our mission is accomplished. It is now your turned, especially those who did no have chance to experienced bush life, when time comes to vote at referendum, it is your golden choice to determined your fate. Would you like to vote to be second class citizens in your own country? it is absolutely your choice"

Dr. John Garang de Mabior
Rumbek,Southern Sudan
May 15,2005

In above message Dr.John Garang De Mabior wanted his people of South Sudan to vote for independent of South Sudan come 2011 which will save them from Second class citizenship in the Sudan.

Late CDR Willim Nyoun Bany
Late Deputy Chairman and Commander in Chief SPLA/M CDR Willian Nyoun Bany was one of the founders of May 16,1983 SPLA/M uprising initiated by Kerbino Kuanyibol above.Nyoun was killed during factional fighting among Southern Sudanese in SPLM/A struggle against oppressive regime in Khartoum.

Dr.Riek Machar Teny
Dr. Riek Machar is the current Vice President of the government of South Sudan,he is believed and had been acknowledged by South Sudan Legislative Assembly (SSLA) as honest and not corrupt official in GOSS whose ministry scored 87% of the vote for accountability and was among the SPLA/M high command hierachy during the struggle. Dr.Riek broke out from SPLA/M leadership and former Nassir Faction (South Sudan Independent Army/Movenment (SSIA/M)which attracted thousands of Southern Sudanese pro South Sudan independent.

Vice President Riek helped transform SPLA/M leadership under Torit faction by promoting and exposing human rights abusese,tribalism,dictatorial within the movenment that forced him to mutiny against SPLA/M Dr.Garang faction. He joined Khartoum oppressive regime and signed the April 1997 agreement with President Bashir who is indicted by the International Criminal Court in the Hague for his war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Darfur.

After abrogation of th 1997 peac agreement between Dr.Riek faction and NCP/NIF regime,Dr.Riek with South Sudan in his heart returned and joined Dr.John Garang,together they were able to unite and champion South Sudan cause within Sudan and signed the current holding CPA (Janury 09,2005

1st President of the Republic of Sudan and President of South Sudan His Exellency Lt.General Salva Kiir Mayardit.
The current President of South Sudan and the First Vice President of the Republic of Sudan,he succeeded Dr.Garang in SPLA/M and was one of the founding member of SPLA/M struggle.He believe and said he is pro Sudanese unity not a separatist who wanted to free South Sudan.He ordered for the arrest and detention of Major General Isaac Obuto Mamur Mete whom he accused of training aplatoon of soldiers in Uganda,imorting illegal guns and feeding SPDF forces of Deputy Commander in Chief SPLA/M whose army were intergrated by SPLA/M through Juba peace agreenment bbetween President Salva and Paulino Matip one of the bravest army officer in South Sudan. Major General Obuto Mamur was arrested in March 2007 and until today he is not produced in court and the public,SPLA,the media are locked/barred from talking and visiting him.He is the first believed by Southern Sudanese as honest and not tribalistic and the first political victim detained by President Kiir SPLM led government in South Sudan.The President had never spoke about ajor General Isaac Obuto Mamur Mete case to the people of South Sudan.


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